Stateville Correctional Center Commissary Supervisor Suon “Sonny” Troeung, 53, died Oct. 27, 1988 from injuries sustained during an attack and robbery in the inmate commissary. Inmate Wesley Robinson, then 28 and from Chicago, was charged in the attack. He was serving 40 years for murder and armed robbery from Cook County and had been in custody of the department since Aug. 25, 1983. He overpowered Troeung to get the commissary keys and then robbed it of cartons of cigarettes and other items, which were found in his cell. Robinson received two life sentences for the murder and armed robbery. Troeung started at Stateville in 1978 as a Correctional Officer and was put in charge of the inmate commissary in 1985.

He was a decorated veteran of his native Republic of Vietnam’s war for independence from communist forces. Troeung was survived by his wife and two children.