Both Illinois Department of Corrections and Department of Juvenile Justice employees have the opportunity to become members of the Illinois Correctional Employees' Memorial Association (ICEMA), a non-profit corporation, established under the laws of the State of Illinois for Non-Profit Organizations. To become ICEMA members, employees can enroll in a payroll deduction program by completing a payroll deduction authorization card (DC198), which is available in their payroll office. The deduction amount is $2.50 per pay period. Membership dues are $60.00 per year and may also be paid by check each January. 

Membership is open to current and retired Illinois Department of Corrections employees. Questions regarding membership can be addressed by clicking the MEMBERSHIP button below:


Benefits of becoming a member include:

  • supporting the memorial and its goals;
  • becoming a voting member by participating in the election of ICEMA board members and officers;
  • member’s children become eligible for scholarships;
  • and the opportunity to become an ICEMA officer.