Stateville Correctional Officer Lawrence “Frank” Kush, Jr., died at 8:20PM, July 2, 1989, from head injuries sustained during an attack near the vocational school at 3 p.m. on July 1, 1989. Kush, 24, of South Chicago Heights, joined the Stateville staff on May 1, 1987. At a press conference to announce grand jury indictments for two counts of first degree murder, Will Co. State’s Attorney Edward Burmila, Jr., called the assault “a gang-related, premeditated assassination.

Inmates William Cabrera, 37, who was serving 60 years for Murder, Burglary, Attempted Burglary and Robbery from Cook County, and David Starks, 36, who was serving 12 years for Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery and Aggravated Battery from Kane County, were found guilty of the murder and received life sentences.

Inmate Salvatore Giancana, 48, was also indicted for the crime. He died awaiting trial at the Will County Jail. Nearly 500 department staff and representatives from the Cook County DOC, Indiana DOC, Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police attended Kush’s funeral. He was survived by his wife and two daughters.