IYC-Joliet Youth Supervisor II Henry B. Washington, 50, died August 1, 1986, from injuries sustained during an incident on July 24, 1986. According to three witnesses, 16 year-old Chris Howard struck Washington in the face twice with his fists. Washington fell to the quarry tile floor and hit his head. Howard had made a $15.00 commissary bet with other youths that he would assault Washington. He was convicted of murder and received the minimum 20-year sentence. He picked up a consecutive four years for Possession of a Weapon at Stateville in 1990 and is due to be released in October, 1998.

Howard was committed to the Juvenile Division on July 9, 1985 for Burglary in Winnebago County.  He was transferred to IYC-Joliet from IYC-St. Charles in February, 1986.

Washington began work a the Joliet juvenile facility in February, 1978. 

"Henry Washington was a good and decent man who brought something positive to work every day. He had nine commendations in his eight years here; that says something about how dedicated he was," said IYC-Joliet Superintendent John Platt.  "He was the kind of person that everyone wanted to work with. He earned every one's respect - both employees and residents. This was a brutal, mindless act that made absolutely no sense. He was assaulted with absolutely no provocation." Washington was survived by his wife, four sons, two daughters and several grandchildren.